Let me handle the hard part and build a highly converting funnel that deliver a smooth, delightful, and automated client experience

Need a funnel but decision-overwhelm and tech meltdowns got in your way?

hey, busy coaches & course creators

The struggle is real. You are sick of exhausting live-launch roller coaster. You are ready to finally turn your online course and coaching programs into a predictable, scalable, and sustainable source of revenue. You know you NEED to be automating, optimizing, and setting up systems (like yesterday), but you don't have the time to do it and (truly, honestly) do not want to figure it out yourself? 

You are looking for a highly skilled expert in not just building funnels and automations, but all aspects of digital marketing strategy, too.

so you need automated funnels...

But you don’t want to touch any of the tech, you just want it set up!

friend, you are in the right place!

I'm here to plan, strategize, and build your highly profitable funnels for you, so you can have an amazing customer flow and a back-end that feels as effortless and awesome — without having to push every button yourself .

Have confidence and peace of mind knowing that your funnel is built with strong foundation, that each customer will be taken on a high-end, seamless automated journey that surprises them, delights them, and makes them fall in love with you.

Spend more time working in your zone of excellence (and everything else you love) and less time fiddling in the backend and putting out fires.

Have an evergreen sales funnel ready to launch by 1-2 weeks (not next 2-3 months) and start making sales on autopilot (hello, Stripe notifications while you’re sitting on the beach!)

Double your client roster without worrying about everything falling apart or if you'll be able to support them all at the highest level.

Results my clients see...

"Anita has set up systems and processes that have allowed me to expand how many clients I can serve at a time -- and make sure that they all still get a high quality, personalized experience." — Lisa Hoashi, Life Coach

"All the things she built have increased my revenue and improve client experience. So valuable!"

Lead Magnet (Freebie) Optin, Tripwire, SLO

lead generation funnels

The type of funnels I can build for you

aka your Warm-up Funnel

nurture sequence

Webinar Funnel, Application Funnel, Flash Sales Funnel

Evergreen sales funnels

Free or Paid Live Masterclasses, Challenges, etc

live launch funnels

Funnel Build Service

A done-for-you funnel build service where we will take care of all the tech, automation, and integration aspects of building a funnel for you.

+ Strategy session to map out each step of the funnel
+ Creation and set up of landing pages, sales page, check out pages, and forms
+ Creation, set up, and implementation of email tags, sequences, and automations, 
+ Creation, customization, and implementation of webinar platform setup, Deadline Funnel campaigns and timers
+ Google Analytics and Meta Pixel integration
+ Complete integration of funnel
+ Complete test run of funnel
+ Dashboard for monitoring and tracking funnel performance
+ Documentation and Recorded walkthrough of the setup for you to keep

(The below will change depending on the type of funnel and details of your project)

what's included

what's not included

- Copywriting for the funnel landing pages and sales pages.
- Email sequence copywriting
- Course platform set up and course build-out

* If you need support in any of these areas, I will be more than happy to refer you to an expert within my network!

  • Funnel performance dashboard set up
  • Minor revisions / approval
  • Handover process
  • Bonus 2 weeks of email/Slack support

2 weeks


  • Build out all funnel assets, deadline funnel set up, and webinar platform set up.
  • Complete integration of all funnel assets and steps.
  • Complete test run

1 - 3 weeks

build + test

  • Pre-work questionnaire
  • 60-min call to go over your funnel strategy
  • Finalize funnel strategy and plan for the build
  • Grant access to your accounts
  • Gather info, content, copy, and branding kit

1 - 2 weeks

plan + prep

How it works


3 - 5 weeks to complete + bonus 2 weeks of email/Slack support

* We are based and legally registered in Norway, all charges will be in Norwegian Kroner

50% deposit to secure booking, 50% at the beginning of Step 3

$700 - 3,500 USD


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"Complete peace of mind knowing that when we need your help with something, you'll either meet or exceed expectations. You have great decision making, problem solving skills that make it easy for me to work with you! I have felt the relief of things being taken off my plate (better than I can do it myself) because of you." — Ariel Schiffer, CEO of Dreampro

"I would tell anyone if you want the best, the best is Anita. That's it!"

On a day-to-day basis, you'll find me getting massive results for my clients, celebrating every Stripe notification of a sale that came in for them, optimizing, fine-tuning, and tweaking their funnels as we reached for ever-higher conversion rates.

I love working with busy women coaches and course creators like you, who feel overwhelmed and totally stressed out by all the tech + systems needed to make money online. As a wife, a mom of 2, and a business owner, I know how hard it can be to juggle all the things! I'll set up your sales systems and processes (aka funnels), so it all happens calmly and seamlessly in the background.

My Mission: Helping online entrepreneurs to set up their online business to work FOR them, so they can do LESS. Less overwhelm. More impact. More income. More balance.

I’ll meet you at the crossroads of ideas and ambition and help you push forward where so many get stuck with strategic implementation and expert execution.

meet  your FunnelPro!

I'm Anita — certified FunnelPro, tech and system specialist.

What would it be like if you can make regular, reliable sales every single day on autopilot?

You can start actually growing and enjoying your business now you are not launching and hustling and stressing 24/7.

Take laptop and phone-free family vacation or self-care days and not stress about losing thousands of sales.

Finally achieve the business, life, and bank balance of your dreams.

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